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    If you are looking for a trustworthy landscape company in St. Clairsville, OH, then look no further than The Nardo’s Diamond Cut Lawn Care, Landscaping and Professional Tree Arborist.
    We offer extensive landscaping services. From tree planting to tree trimming, we always strive to provide a satisfying customer experience. We care about your yard like it was our own.
    When it comes to your landscape, a professional landscape designer can make all the difference in the value of your home and the experience of your property.

Our Services

Commercial landscaping
Commercial Landscape Maintenance

We provide regular landscape maintenance for our commercial clientele, aimed to make your property welcoming to employees, investors, and customers alike. We keep the lawns and trees in check so that everything looks its best- and maintains its vibrant health.

Residential landscaping
Residential Landscaping

Our landscapers make the most of your property. We work with you to keep your ideas in mind so that the finished result is a beautiful yard that suits your needs and taste. We take care of the softscape over time too, if you want, so that you can keep your color throughout the seasons.

Tree removal
Tree Removal

When a stubborn tree needs to be removed, especially before it can cause any damage to your roof or fencing, you need to bring in the professionals. We take down trees quickly and safely, and then grind down the stumps afterwards so there’s no sign we- or the tree- were ever there.

Lawn care service
Lawn Care Service

Keeping your lawn healthy can be difficult to do, and especially so when you’re strapped for time. With us, it all becomes so much easier. We take care of the mowing, fertilization, and everything else so that you don’t have brown spots and everything can stay under control. Don’t let it become a jungle out there.

Land clearing
Land Clearing

We turn our years of experience into the most effective lot clearing around. We remove everything you don’t want quickly and thoroughly, leaving you with a landscape ready to be built just the way you like it. Then our landscapers can get to work in defining your outdoors.

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